Wednesday, October 7, 2015 Update

Dear R.E.A.D.ers,

I now have a new library!  Well, two of them, actually. Mommy changed schools and now she works 15 minutes from home.  Know the best part?  I get to go to school with Mommy on Fridays!  I see the kids who come for classes in the library. During Mommy's planning time, we visit classrooms for drive-by petting. It's a long day, but I LOVE all the petting. I promptly fall asleep as soon as we pull out of the parking lot to head home.

My new official R.E.A.D. library is at the Smyrna City Library. We are one of the three CAREing Paws teams who visit at this library. Every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 p.m., you will find a dog and kids reading at this library. Of course, I have to share with Walker and Keeper, but we're cool. If you are in grades 1-6, we would love to R.E.A.D. with you!  There's no cost involved. All your grown-up has to do is sign a permission slip. And, you're in. You'll receive small incentives each week you attend and after 10 visits, you can earn a hardcover fiction book of your choice!

Good to see our R.E.A.D.ers this week - Reagan, Ashley, Sean, Bronson and Abby!

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