Friday, May 31, 2013

Programs @ Kemp Library coming week of June 3rd

My mommy and I will be at the Kemp library for our normal R.E.A.D session on Wednesday and back on Thursday morning for a special presentation.  Mommy is going to share some of my favorite stories, talk about dog safety (especially in the summertime) and then kids will get to do a craft activity.   Oh, and I'll get lots of petting out of the deal.

I don't know what the craft activity is, but she did mention something about it being suitable to count for one of the four projects required by students who participate in the school district's Dig into Reading program.  I think she plans to have a popsicle party for her students and I'll get to be the guest of honor. And boy, do I love popsicles!

My current doghouse is under contract.  All I know is that means I get to stay home now during the day and strangers won't be wandering through my doghouse anymore.  I wasn't too pleased at having to go to school every day for nearly three weeks either.  Mommy said we have one more hurdle to clear before my doghouse would be considered SOLD.  We'll know next week if that hurdle has been cleared.

Meanwhile, my new doghouse is almost done!  We stopped by this evening and saw the painters still at work.  Kitchen cabinets are finally here, too!  Mommy and Daddy are hoping that everything will be finished in time to move from this house to the new one.  I'll get to go to camp for a few days while everything gets packed and moved.

Enjoy your summer and keep on READing!

Pawfully yours,

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