Friday, September 27, 2013

Hi READers! We're back!

Two months ago, we moved into my new dog house. It's nice.  I can sit on my couch, see my mommy in the kitchen and look straight out the front door.  I can also sit in the upstairs hallway and monitor my humans in the family room, while keeping an eye on the four dogs next door. 

I am still going to "school" (doggie day care) one day a week, but my new dog house is close to daddy's work, so he comes home to eat lunch with me most days.  Mommy and I have resumed READing at the Kemp Memorial Library on the first and third Wednesdays after school.  Because my new dog house is farther way from mommys' work and the library, mommy takes me to "school" on the days we READ. Hopefully, I don't smell like a dog when I READ with you.

Tomorrow, I'm trying something new as a therapy dog.  Mommy and I are going to do our first hospital visit. I have been to great-grandma's nursing home a time or two, but I've never been to a hospital.  My friend Daisy will be visiting with us, so at least I'll have a familiar furry face with me.

Before I forget - the library still has a couple of openings for READers in November and December.  Please see Ms. Carmella at the library to sign-up.  Remember, our new start time is 4:15 p.m. and our last READer starts at 5:00 p.m.

Pawfully yours,


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